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Why do I build mandolins?

I have been in love with the mandolin for a long time. I have owned several different ones thru the years, never dreaming that one day I would make the leap into building my own line of custom instruments that would bear my name.

I build all of my instruments by hand, in my one-man shop. Starting with some of the finest quality tonewoods available, each piece is painstakingly cut, glued, carved, filed and sanded until it emerges in the end as a finely crafted instrument. 

I put a lot of myself into of my mandolins and it is hard to let go of them. Why do I build mandolins? I guess the real questions is 'why didn't I start sooner?'

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phone - 423-863-7825

Eddie Blevins Mandolin works

241 Riverside Road

Bluff City, TN 37618


Here is a brief photo journey of the construction process. I welcome any questions that you may have about my construction practices and methodology.

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