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Eddie Blevins Mandolin Works is focused on providing high-quality instruments at an affordable price along with superior service and customer satisfaction.
All of my mandolins are hand built using quality woods and hardware.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss a mandolin custom built to your specifications.
Please scroll down for sound clips and to see what some of my customers had to say about their EBMW mandolin.
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Here are a couple of sound clips of 002 played by Mr. Glen Harlow.

"There are a few unique features that I had Eddie incorporate when building this mandolin.  The inlay of a rose on the headstock, the fretboard Mystic Martin inlays, the (triple) binding, and finally, I would like to point out that Eddie placed a thin piece of ebony in the center of the neck that goes up to the top of the head stock.  Eddie gave me great service and the value is unmatched.  When I received this mandolin at work, I had people checking out this fine piece of craftsmanship.  When I described to my colleagues all the unique features on this mandolin, one person said 'This makes it your own'.   By the way, it plays GREAT; you don’t want to put it away. These mandolins are built to be played. Thanks Eddie."

Jon Schweitzer - Pennsylvania
EBMW 016 F5 Tobacco Wine Burst w/ Tru-oil finish

"As I was able to participate in the nautical design (of 014) quite a lot, I could not decline to preview the completed mandolin's photos.  Eddie always asks first.  ...he turned the chosen maple board into a spectacular one piece mandolin back!  My instrument arrived safe and super-fast, and was set up perfectly.  It is sounding very, very good... What I like best in the mandolin's tone is the complexity and sustain of the D-A-E string notes.  Its bluegrass chops are commanding without growling from a nose-heavy G string."

Elmar Schmidt - Germany
EBMW 014 F5 Custom Emerald Sea Burst with Tru-oil Finish

"What can I say, I love my Mandolin!  It is truly a piece of art.  The sound is beautiful and will only widen with age.  It feels so solid and well balanced.  ...the color and depth is tremendous and so very pleasing to the eye.  ...I thank you for building the finest mandolin I have every had the pleasure to play."

Edward Gorner - California
EBMW 015 F5 Fern in Tobacco Cherry Burst with Notro Lacquer

"Just arrived home and was able to see and my EBMW #10 F5 for the first time. The mandolin has nice woody sounding mids and a great chop and will no doubt open up even more with consistent playing time. Working with Eddie throughout the process was super easy, and he never hesitated to respond quickly to any one of my millions of questions. I would recommend Eddie and his mandolins to any serious player who is looking for a professional quality mandolin at a fair market price."
Eric Pfeiffer - Argentina
EMBW 010 F5 Chocolate Burst with Tru-oil Finish
 "I got a chance to pick for a couple hours last night and man did that mando come to life quickly, The tone just kept opening up as the time went on and the volume did the same. Very easy to and very hard to put down! Its hard to believe this is a brand new instrument with how well it came to life. This one will grow into a beast of a mandolin for sure. I love it and am very happy to have it!"
Brad Bradshaw - North Carolina
EBMW 009 Fern in Chocolate Burst with Tru-oil Finish
"I have to admit I was a little skeptical about ordering a mandolin from a relatively new builder, but I have to say that I made a great decision when I ordered one of Eddie's mandolins.  The tone is awesome up and down the neck and it plays like a dream.

But what really sets Eddie apart is his excellent customer service.  He kept me in the loop all the way through the building process and always answered any questions I had promptly.

If you want a really high quality mandolin at a reasonable price I highly suggest you consider ordering from Eddie. You won't be disappointed!"

Jason Stewart - Nebraska
EBMW 004 Fern in Tobacco/Cherry burst with nitro lacquer.
"I am very pleased with my new mandolin.  After tuning her up and giving a good look over, I must have played for over an hour and a half.  You did a superb job...she's a dandy...  Thanks Pal."
Joe Austermiller - Ohio
EBMW 003 Redburst with a Flower Pot inlay and nitro lacquer finish
"This mandolin is everything I had hoped for. The sound is incredible, and continues to surprise me as the instrument opens up. The quality of craftsmanship -  from the construction, wood selection, and finish - is as good or better than any mandolin I've had the experience to . To have a one of a kind, custom-built mandolin is a dream come true."
Jeremy Jobe - Indiana
EBMW 005 Tobacco / Cherry Burst with Flowerpot Inlay and Nitro Lacquer
Below is a photo of Jeremy Jobe who drove seven hours from Indiana to the shop to pick up his Tobacco Wine Burst F5.
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